About Us

Founded as a modest trading house in 1947, Lala Textile has undergone a remarkable transformation into a prominent force in the fashion industry. Today, the brand encompasses four distinct retail labels, providing women with accessible summer, midsummer, and winter fabric ranges. Having successfully positioned itself as a high-end, fast fashion women's wear brand, Lala is renowned for its intricate designs and eye-catching subtle colors, featuring premium Chiffon and all season fabrics that never fail to captivate. The brand's unwavering commitment extends beyond aesthetics to a dedicated focus on providing the best customer experience, aiming to forge a profound connection with its clientele through impeccable final products and service.

In 1972, Lala Textile marked its foray into consumer retail with the introduction of the quintessential Lala retail label. Boasting over 39 years of seasoned experience, the brand continues to deliver quality materials with custom prints, ensuring a diverse and engaging product range throughout the year. Lala's global footprint now extends across the globe, with its lines, collections, and brands celebrated for their versatility in design and accessible price range. The brand remains steadfast in its mission to cater to a broad spectrum of women, offering a blend of quality and style that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.